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Büchler company specializes for more than 31 years on the plastic injection technologies. Recent cooperation with Haitian Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd offers the high-end injection moulding machines.

These machines combined with the knowledge gathered by Büchler over its long history provides its customers leading edge in their fields. Furthermore, the huge selection of various peripherals offered by the company are making the production process more effective than ever before.


  • Haitian supplier for Austria, Germany and Switzerland
  • Established in 1986
  • On-site service by professional servicemen (no need to send the machine to china, service is right on spot + Haitian factory is in Germany)
  • Offer of new machines and peripherals with option to resell used machine
  • Selling not only the machine but also the provide support for whole lifetime of the machine
  • Guarantee up to 3 years with maintenance contract
  • Components of machines are from 70 % of European production
  • Large supply of spare parts installed either by servicemen or by customer itself
  • Language in installed machines is translated
  • Possibilities of staff trainings before machine instalment
  • Haitian machines with periphear are capable of unprecedented automation
  • Machine operating systems is translated to German or Hungarian language
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