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Granulator RS 30000

Granulator RS 30000

Mid-market with a punch The ergonomically constructed granulators attain throughputs of up to 500 kg/hr in continuous operation depending on the model - whether in injection moulding operations or next to blow moulding machines.

The series RS 30000 has a cutting circle of 300 mm.
The RS 30000 is built in cutting widths of 400, 630, 945, 1.260 and 1.575 mm.

Range of application:

  • central granulator for injection moulding
  • jerry cans up to 20 l
  • infeed granulator for edge trims, films, skeleton films and profiles

Additional info

  • Options
  • Various rotor versions, drives and blade qualities of the model range RS 30000 are individually designed for your application, grinding reliably, energy-saving and producing an optimum grinding material quality.
  • Suitable wear protection packages secure your investment, reduce your maintenance costs and increase your profit when grinding abrasive materials.
  • Water-cooled cutting chambers and cooling-air supply reduce the thermal stress on your materials, protect against plastification in the cutting chamber and enable optimum grinding even in critical applications.
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to the latest design, drive motors in the energy efficiency class up to IE 4 and the use of GETECHA EnergySave, a system that significantly reduces your power consumption under partial load.
  • Electrical accessories from GETECHA connect your rotary cutter RS 30000 to the peripherals, control upstream and downstream units, create safety and increase your productivity. If you need special equipment and cannot find it anywhere, please contact us.
  • The modular granulator platform of the GETECHA rotary cutter RS 30000 allows variations of a wide range of proven assemblies, components and functions from the entire GETECHA rotary cutter range.
  • Perfect dosing and material feed into the rotary cutter as well as material discharge are options which are decisive for grinding performance and regrind quality. GETECHA peripherals (belt conveyor, screw feeders, metal detectors, ionizers, screw dischargers and extraction systems…) optimize your grinding system and create efficiency and safety.
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