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Hilectro Robot V-Serie large

Hilectro Robot V-Serie large

Hilectro robots are the ideal partners for automating standard injection molding processes. The optimization of production techniques combined with the selection of the best components enables an excellent price-performance ratio.

Additional info

  • Big models
  • Fully servo-driven - large-scale V-series models are made from Japanese technology.
  • Three (five) axis servo motor is applied to driving, with high speed, low noise, precise position, strong controllability while running, etc.
  • Graphical and user-friendly controls
  • The V-3000HDt machine with double booms is developed independently after many years of technical research and is popular with customers in the automotive industry due to its higher loading capacity.
  • Low maintenance and precise, high quality belt drive
  • Reasonable structural design ensures efficient movement
  • High strength steel construction - servo motor drive, high efficiency and stability
  • Rack and pinion gears to ensure the stability of the operating process
  • High quality chain, ensure the movement exchange process
  • Pneumatic extension plate
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