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Liquid Color Pumps

Liquid Color Pumps

Maguire's proprietary technology has contributed to being the world's largest supplier of liquid color pumps. For all molding and extrusion applications Accurate peristaltic dosing Easy to set up

Liquid Color Applications

  • Maguire's MS4 PeriStep pump provides precise metering at low rates to improve the quality of the coloring process.

Self Adjusting Speeds 

  • The pump design and control makes it versatile for all types of molding and extrusion processes.

Wide Range of Dosing Outputs

  • The choice of three tube sizes allows for wide range of dosing outputs- greater flexibility for the user. 

Control Modes

  • Extrusion - Continuous Mode: the MS4 will run the pump continuously at a rate set by the operator.
  • Extrusion - Extrusion Following: the speed will change depending on throughput to maintain the correct percentage color dosed.
  • Molding - Cycle Mode: the MS4 provides accurate dosing, regardless of variations in the process by monitoring the screw back time of the injection molding machine.

Additional info

  • 1. Accurately Meter Precise Amounts of Liquid
  • The MS4 peristaltic pump is designed to accurately meter precise amounts of liquid color.
  • 3. Wide Range of Dosing Outputs
  • Three tube diameters and assemblies are available to provide a wider range of dosing outputs.
  • 5. Easy Disassembly
  • In the unlikely event of needing to disassemble the pump, the split head is easy to access by releasing 3 screws. The complete roller set can be removed from there.
  • 2. Suited to All Extrusion & Molding Processes
  • Accurate dosing into the main flow of material directly for all molding and extrusion processes.
  • 4. Automatic Speed Control
  • The MS4 control software uses automatic speed control to assure self-adjusting accuracy.
  • 6. Simpler Entry of Variables
  • Simply enter shot weight, set liquid color percentage, and set density of color. The system automatically calculates the rest.
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