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MCHigh Output 2500R

MCHigh Output 2500R

The MCHigh Output 2500R is a complete system that can fill low bulk density regrind at high feed rates. The unique design with a maximum mixing rate of 75% can be mounted directly on an injection molding machine or extruder. Gravimetric technology controls the metering rate and provides accurate material consumption data for traceability.

The unit has an integrated weighing module that measures the throughput quantity using the Loss-in-Weight principle. The hopper can be refilled either by mounting the feeder directly on the system or via an integrated gate valve on the top flange. Refilling is controlled by the gravimetric system. The MCHigh Output 2500R works with granules as well as difficult regrinds such as flakes from PET bottles. It is capable of processing materials up to 180 øC.

The water-cooledneck with integrated mixer ensures proper mixing of materials for your product and the possibility of additional dosing stations for masterbatch or other additives.


    High mixing rate
    The MCHigh Output 2500R is capable of mixing up to 75% low bulk density regrind into the main material stream.
    Direct mounting
    The integrated support frame for the measuring unit of the MCHigh Output 2500R allows direct mounting on the feed opening of the processing machine.
    Easy integration
    The MCHigh Output 2500R can be easily combined with other Movacolor metering units. This offers greater flexibility in the processing of different materials and the outputs in the production line.

Additional info

  • Full gravimetric control
  • Can process regrinds with low bulk density
  • Optional loader can be mounted directly
  • Water-cooled neckpiece with integrated mixer
  • Industry 4.0 ready
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