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MCHigh Output

MCHigh Output

The MCHigh Output is the gravimetric solution to dose high capacities from 50 kg/h up to a maximum of 1,200 kg/h. The system meters this high additive output without making any concessions to precision. Gravimetric technology makes this possible for both injection molding and extrusion applications.

The unit has an integrated weighing module that precisely measures the throughput quantity based on the loss-in-weight principle. The fully gravimetric system constantly calibrates and automatically adjusts the dosage. Refilling of the MCHigh Output is controlled by an integrated pneumatic slide in the lid flange. The MCHigh Output can be used for granules, difficult regrinds and free-flowing powders. It can also process hot materials of up to 180øC.

"The MCHigh Output is excellent for dosing our dried PET flakes, which go up to 180øC."


    Broad performance spectrum
    The MCHigh Output is available in three sizes: max. 100, max. 500 and max. 1,200 kg/h.
    Dosing of different materials
    Specifically designed to handle the most difficult materials, including heavy flowing powders and large regrinds.
    Easy integration
    The MCHigh Output can be easily combined with other Movacolor feeders. This provides greater flexibility in processing different materials and outputs in the production line.


Additional info

  • Full gravimetric control
  • Easy to clean: the motor/screw unit can be disassembled without tools
  • Can be used for granules, difficult regrinds and free flowing powders
  • Can process hot materials up to 180øC
  • Industry 4.0 ready
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