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MCHybrid 200

MCHybrid 200

The MCHybrid 200 is a very compact and reliable batch blender, specially designed for processing a wide range of materials and regrind with a low bulk density. The MCHybrid 200 has a modular design and can be equipped with 2 to 8 components. The hoppers, made of robust stainless steel, with drains allow 100% emptying of the hoppers. With our unique valve design, even small components can be dispensed with an accuracy of up to 0.02%. The mixing chamber is equipped with a load cell, eliminating the need for a sensor. The weight mixing chamber can be used to measure the extruder throughput. The standard version of theMCHybrid 200 is suitable for processing materials up to 120 °C. A high-temperature version is also available that can process material up to 180 °C. If you want even more accuracy and flexibility or are looking for a compact design, you can also combine the MCHybrid 200 with our gravimetric inline metering units to get a unique hybrid blender.

Batch blender features

    Accuracy up to 0.02
    Capacity weighing hopper 6 liters
    High efficiency blender
    Stainless steel hopper, 43 - 90 liters
    Specially designed for processing regrind with a   low bulk density
    Easy to clean


Combines batch mixing and inline dosing
With inline blending, the MCHybrid 200 batch blender can be combined to create a unique hybrid concept that truly gives you the best features from two worlds!

Additional info

  • 8'' full-color touchscreen with user-friendly interface
  • 2-8 main components and max. 14 inline additives
  • Option of a weight mixing hopper (real-time throughput measurement)
  • Can process material up to 120 øC in standard version
  • Industry 4.0 ready
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