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Tool cleaning

Tool cleaning

In the manufacturing industry, process reliability and product quality are always in the foreground. The formation of deposits in the water-carrying channels has a negative influence on tools and heat exchangers of any kind, e.g. B. by lime, rust or other dirt particles. By using the newly developed WRG tool cleaning device, these residues are removed quickly and easily with the aid of a specially developed acidic, environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

The intuitive operation via the integrated touch display and the compact, mobile structure of the heat recovery unit enable fast, flexible use within production.

The target target flow rate to be achieved is specified via the built-in PLC panel or, alternatively, a cleaning duration is set. When the cleaning process starts, the water / chemical mixture is conveyed through the heat exchanger and tool channels to be cleaned by means of a dirt-resistant, magnetically coupled stainless steel pump. The loosened dirt, rust and lime particles are caught by a fine dirt filter. At the end of the cycle, the cleaning solution is blown back into the cleaning tank with compressed air. For subsequent neutralization, it is rinsed with water and any existing
 Residues are blown from the lines into the flushing water tank. This 2-circuit system makes it particularly convenient to use it for several cleaning processes with just one detergent tank filling.
Dissolves limescale and rust in temperature control channels of tools and injection molds made of steel, copper, brass and aluminum. The cleaning solution can be disposed of via the municipal sewage network.

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