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Haitian Mars III + Eco

Haitian Mars III + Eco

Haitian Mars III Serie 600 - 10000 kN Joint clamping

  • Processing system KEBA
  • Equipped with constant gear pump powered by synchronic servo engine with revolution controlling frequency convertor
  • Significant save of electrical energy
  • Extremely silent performance of the hydraulic unit

The Haitian Mars Series has been on the market for over 10 years and continues to be the top of the line in hydraulic injection-molding technology – the world’s best-selling injection-molding machine. Since its market launch in 2006, more than 230,000 units of the Mars Series have been delivered.

The upgraded Mars – so called “IIS” – comes with a lot of design improvements, which provides more reliable hardware to maximize the energy efficiency while improving the precision. The common design enables Haitian Plastics Machinery to deliver 30.000 machines and more per year in a short delivery time.

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