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Regrind material preparation – defined grain sizes

Regrind material preparation – defined grain sizes

Only consistent regrind in a defined grain size, dedusted and demetallised form, guarantees constant product respectively part quality. The different uncontrolled melting processes in the screw, with unequal material sizes will be avoided with our regrind material preparation.

Space for installation: approx 2,2m² 

Total height: 3.960mm 

Output: 100kg/h 

Screen size: 1mm to 11mm                              

More screen sizes on request

Additional info

  • Ready to mount total systems with material handling directly from the granulators or a tank / silo
  • Ionizer to reduce electrical charge in the material
  • Metal separation of all metals / nonferrous metals
  • Material screening unit for the separation of dust, grain-boundary and grain shortfall
  • incl. all necessary Container
  • incl. piping system and tubing
  • incl. electrical wiring
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