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Zhafir Venus II

Zhafir Venus II

Zhafir Venus 400 - 6500 kN Flexible, full-electric solution

  • Full-electric machines
  • The most technology-advanced series
  • Control system from SIGMATEK (Austria)
  • Parallel movements
  • Accuracy level is one level above of hydraulic machines values
  • High quality components
  • Energy cost-saving rates reaching up to 80%

Zhafir has been making a greater impact on the market for electric injection-molding machines than almost any other manufacturer. This is substantiated not just by the dynamic sales growth and the fast-increasing inquiries that Haitian International’s sales teams receive around the globe. Since the introduction 10 years ago, the Zhafir solutions have risen to be the second strongest brand in Asia.

With clamping force sizes of 400 to 8,000 kN and specifically modified performance versions such as the “Venus p”, “Venus h”, and “Venus hs”, Zhafir already offers by far the most extensive portfolio of fully electric machines. High quantities and a tremendous depth in production within the Haitian Group guarantee a first-class price-performance ratio in future as well.

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